Monday, January 28, 2013

really random talk :)

Hi everybody, it's been a loooong time since i don't post here :)
Anyway the year has been change into 2013 \\(^0^)// ...
So come on, let's make this year more more more and more beautiful, than ever...

By the way, i want to share my greatest moments in my 2012 ::
First : I have my mission, that is bachelor degree final paper, succeded completely. I graduated with good grade enough and finally have my graduation celebration.
Second : I get job, and I really grateful to God. I think my condition and situation have been lucky enough now, but I promise to myself that I must get a better job in the near future :)
Third : I MEET MY FAVOURITE IDOL EVER AND I CAN WATCH HIS PERFORMANCE..!!! MIYAVI~SAN!!!!!! It's still like a dream to me, and it's sooo precious memory to me :)

And I hope that for this year :
I can find myself, and my another dreams will come true cause there are lots things that I want to do and achieve, i hope God lead me the way :)
Meet another idols :p (Cho Shin Sei, Kim Soo Hyun, Masaki Okada, Dalmatian, Michelle Branch, Adipati, Miyavi again please XD)
Find my soulmate *this is the most important thing too I think hahahahaha :9
My family is always healthy and happy,
I can be happier than before,
Everybody is happier than before,

What about you?
Well, i hope this year will be an another great year to us :*

And time to RANDOM TALK for this midnight ;)
By the way, I want to post the pictures when i hang out with my best friends ^^

This is me with my two bestfriends, Ratri and Tuti were eating Pizza in new Pizza restaurant that is PinoPizza. The pizza is soooooo damn delicious, and the lemon tea is so refreshing. You saw the glass right? The form of the glass is so unique!! Maybe i will go to this PinoPizza again.. I loveeee their pizza so much!!

And i want to thanks my friend Reli, for the beautiful gift she gives me. She get this eyelid cosmetic from a giveaway and because she knows I love purple, she gives the purple colour to me, I still don't know how to use this eyelid cosmetic. I will show to you if i can use it ^^... Anyway thanks Reli for this purple eyelid cosmetic .. I love it so much!! *hugs

Ah, if you would love to join such a giveaway, you can join my bestfriend's giveaway, Sonya. The prize of the giveaway is a shopping coupon $80 in MsDressy, you can read from there :)

It's midnight here....
I'm sorry for the random talk..
See yaaaa ^^


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    1. halo, silahkan memperkenalkan diri dulu :)
      kalo perlu, follow blog saya ya :p