Friday, June 14, 2013

Cianjur ~ the historical Gunung Padang

Last time met my friends, we went to Gunung Padang (Padang Mountain), Cianjur, West Java, Indonesia. Actually, we planned to do such-cool-backpacker-thing but the plan suddenly failed and changed. But still, changed into another fun travelling ;)

We departed from meeting point approximately at 9 a.m o'clock. Too late actually if we really want to go travelling. But it's alright, with no looking to our destination, just hang out with friends is fun of course.
The traffic was no matter at all, just crowded in some certain places. The actual problem was we don't know where Gunung Padang is. So we use technology way with looking the route from GPS and traditional way with asking some people. Actually, the way to Gunung Padang was not hard to find, many people knew about that historical site. And the road was just so so, good but still had many holes in some places near Gunung Padang. But still, could reach by car or bicycle, and there was public transportation even there!! So if you really want to backpacker to this place I think you will not find difficulties, don't worry ;)

can you see the holes at the right-bottom-edge of the picture? i think that it's still beautiful  :)

and the road is romantic and the view is beautiful
And so la la la, we arrived to our destination after 5 hours. And me, can't wait patiently with what we will find in Gunung Padang \(>___<)/
But still long way to go to the top of the mountain, still must climb the killing-hard-steep stairs first, fyuuuuh.. and i rarely did some sports so it's so hard for me when climbing, run out of breath (>___<)

take a snapshot at the bottom of the hill